Aimy in a Cage

A Hooroo Jackson Trip

About Aimy in a Cage

Crispin Glover co-stars as a sinister charlatan in this epic fairytale that crosses Disney with David Lynch. The film follows a creative teen spirit - Aimy Micry (played by Disney's Allisyn Ashley Arm) as she rebels against her strict and wicked family against the backdrop of a deadly plague. Hooroo Jackson's debut film is the winner of the 'Director's Prize' at the 2015 Portland Film Festival. The genre crossing, colorful fantasy mixes wild set pieces with sensory imagery and a manic music score, with a deeply emotional core. It's a confectious blend of the best cinema giants - Ken Russell, Terry Gilliam. Or if Dr. Seuss had gone mad. Allisyn Ashley Arm, Crispin Glover, Oscar nominee Terry Moore, and Paz de la Huerta are the stars of this phantasmagoric fantasy. With songs by Joanna Wang.


Crispin Glover Paz de la Huerta
Allisyn Ashley Arm Michael William Hunter
Terry Moore Theodore Bouloukos

Written, Produced, Directed by Hooroo Jackson

Aimy Micry: The Graphic Novel